Connect Groups

A place outside of Sunday Services where we can do life with each other. Have fun, be real and find support + encouragement.

Connection is at the heart of our Church.

C3 College Study Groups

AT CHURCH CAFE 7:00pm every Thursday,
6 Sessions Starting May 11th 2023,
See JP for more information.

Fast Track Youth

Grade 6-8 Pre Teens, Every Sunday at church and monthly hangs where we do cool stuff. 

See Sam or Ben

Wild Ones Youth

Grade 9-13. Teenage. 7-9pm every Friday at Church.

See Johane for more information. Ph.021 255 8582

Chop Suey Hui (Feeding those in need)

Weekly Friday, Food prep and delivery. 100 meals

See JP for more info or Ph.0800 C3 CARE 

Ph.0800 232 273

C.A.P Money Budgeting Course 

A monthly online Zoom Group, that will take you through some great tips and tools to budget and manage your money well. 

CAP Money – do more with your money (

See Lisa Ph.0210 221 4839

Prayer Connect

Wednesday 7:00 till 7:30pm at Church

See Caroline for more info.

Cantabria Service 

10am First Wednesday of the month. Beth Jones and the team run a church service for the elderly at Cantabria rest home.

See Beth Jones for more info.

Alpha (Questions about life)

5 Sessions & 1 Encounter day, Starting Mid November 2022

See Karen for more info.

 C3 Every Woman

Term Socials, for every woman.  

See Anna Ph.0210 615 532   /   See Liz Ph.021 081 87761

 C3 Real Men Rotorua

Term events for the Men!  Keep an eye on the collective 🙂

Roger Ph.027 641 1839    /     JP Ph.027 478 7662


Women’s Tuesday C3 Study group Connect

7pm fortnightly, TUESDAYS @ Church Cafe

See Haley & Lisa Neff for more info.  Ph.027 245 1287

Womans Wednesday Walkers Connect

7pm top of Mountain Rd, Wednesday.

See Lisa Talbot for more info. Ph.022 568 3543

Women’s Thursday C3 Study group Connect

7pm fortnightly, THURSDAYS

See Judith for more info.  Ph.021 266 0736

Spanner Nights

Fridays Nights Monthly 7pm, Men hanging out in sheds.

Ph.027 478 7662


Young Adults

Young Adults, Fun times with good friends! See Mart & Abigail for more info. Ph.022 013 9751



Tuhairwe Home

Monthly Friday Dinner Party
See Dereck & Lilian

Stunerbrink Home

Wednesday Fortnights See John & Tina for more info

Bragovits Home

Thursday evening fortnightly, See Anesone & Sarah

Cianci Home

Sunday evening fortnightly, See Jon & Tash

The African Connection

Thursday nights See Alwyn & Leandri for more info

If you’re South African and new to NZ then you’ll love these guys 🙂


1.Get a crew together for a shared  dinner, 
2.Jump onto C3 Rotorua DP Connect You Tube channel
3.Pick a clip and have a convo with the questions that follow.
                                          Easy As !             For more info contact Karen or JP

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