Little Ones

Our Little Ones space is bright and fun, your preschooler will feel right at home.  Mickey and Tanya lead our Little Ones, they always have plenty of fun games, toys to play with and crafts to make.  At the moment our program is called Kings, and the children are learning all about the many different kings in the bible.  Little Ones meet every Sunday after Praise and Worship.

Shooting Stars

Our Shootings Stars are our Primary School children, they meet every Sunday after Praise and Worship.  A great place to meet with your friend, Shootings Stars is full of fun and energy!  Liza and Michelle are also leading the children through the Kings series, with games and activities the kids will love, and the opportunity to talk about and discover our awesome God.

Wild Ones

If you’re at Intermediate, then Wild Ones is for you.  Come and hang with your mates every Sunday after Praise and Worship. We do games and learn how to be best mates with Jesus and each other. We also get together once a month for social stuff and have our infamous Wild Ones camp in March.

Youth Connect

Hang out with your mates every second Friday night, and alternate Sundays after Church.  Games, food, some cool adventures out on the lake, and some talk about life and God.  Catch-up with Josh and Jess on Sunday at Church to find out more.